The Story

SmartCampingTips.com was founded by Nathanael Meyer to share his love of the outdoors. Here is the story of the site’s inception in Nathanael’s words:

Hello. My name is Nathanael Meyer, and I’m an addict.

That’s right — I’m a camping, hiking and backpacking addict.

I just have to get out into the wilderness, or I go through withdrawals. I get anxious, irritable, and frankly, just a little nuts. 🙂

Can you relate?

I was blessed to be born and raised in the beautiful state of Alaska. This place is so spectacular, it will take your breath away.

On a clear day, I can see Mt. McKinley (the highest mountain in North America) from the hills just outside of Fairbanks, my hometown.

You might think that I would take the staggering natural beauty of Alaska for granted, having lived here most of my life. However, quite the opposite is true. I’ve always been enchanted with the wildness of this place, and over the years my appreciation for it has only grown.

I went on my first day hike with my family when I was 7 years old. It is one of my fondest memories.

When I was 14, I spent a week on a summer camp work crew. On our “off” day, our director took us on a hike to the Angel Rocks — a group of giant granite outcroppings called tors. It was there that my love for hiking really took root.

I still hike the Angel Rocks trail nearly every summer. (The picture above was taken from the high point of the trail.)

In my college years I discovered backpacking. There’s nothing like spending several days in the wilderness, carrying everything you need on your back. Out there I feel all the stress of life just melt away.

Over the years I’ve camped and hiked all over the state of Alaska, as well as in places like Yosemite National Park, the Badlands of South Dakota, the Grand Canyon, and Venezuela.

So I started this website to share my love of the outdoors with you.

SmartCampingTips.com is now owned by the Comfortable Living Co.

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