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Save The Hassle: Hiking And Camping Gear Reviews & Advice

Do you have some outdoor gear that you really love? A sleeping bag that fits you just right, or a camp stove that seems to keep working forever?

How about some that you hated? Like those boots that never would break in or a tent that fell apart the first night out?

Our gear articles aim to point you toward dependable items that will land in the “love” category. Accordingly, here we present some hiking and camping gear reviews and advice to help you choose the best outdoor equipment. Find out what works and what doesn’t before you buy!

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Vanabode eBook Review

I just read a unique and very interesting ebook called Vanabode: Happily Camp, Travel, And Live Forever On $20 A Day. Vanabode is a term coined by the author, Jason Odom, which he defines as "to happily abide in a four wheeled box shaped vehicle providing...

Camping First Aid Kits

Camping first aid kits should be tailored to your skills, budget, location, length of trip and the people in your group. On every trip, you can and should take a large, well-stocked outdoor first aid kit.

Camping Sleeping Bag

ere are some tips on how to find the best camping sleeping bag for your needs: how to tell if you need one, what to look for when you’re shopping, and how to pick out the one that will fit you.

Camping Coffee Maker

Many of us enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, and you can still do so while camping. Finding a good camping coffee maker can make a huge difference in enjoying the mornings of your excursion.

Unique Camping Gifts

Finding unique camping gifts for an outdoor lover can be a bit of a chore. Let’s face it — most camping equipment is functional, practical, and also … just a little boring.

The Best Tents For Camping

There are many different kinds of tents for camping, from small 2 person dome tents to gigantic multiple room shelters that can house 10 people and their dogs.

Tent Care

Here are a few tips for tent care and tent storage. Your tent is a very important part of your hiking and camping equipment. Make it last as long as possible by taking good care of it.

Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket

The Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket is an excellent waterproof, breathable jacket. It is light and packable, making it easy to take on any trip where you expect “precip”-itation. I’ve had mine for about 3 years and have been very happy with it.

Marmot DriClime Windshirt Review

I love my Marmot DriClime Windshirt. I am such a fun of the Windshirt that I wear it all the time, not just when I’m camping and hiking. It is light, warm, and makes me look cool (or so I like to think).

New Balance Hiking Boots

I recently bought some New Balance hiking boots – the Rainier 1500s – and so far I’m very happy with my purchase. Such praise does not come lightly from me; I have a hard time finding boots that fit my wide (and apparently abnormally shaped) feet.

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