Disclosure And Advertising Policy

SmartCampingTips.com Disclosure And Advertising Policy

Did you know that we make money from this website?

All of the information on this site is completely free to you. There are no subscription fees, no “premium content” fees, no fees of any kind for you to access my hiking, backpacking, and camping tips.

So how do we make money?


We have placed advertisements on some of the pages on this site. These ads are served by Google Adsense; where they appear, they are clearly labeled as such. We do not select the specific ads being shown. Google places ads based on the content of the page.

When you click on an ad, we may earn a small fee.

Affiliate Links

Many of the products that we review and recommend are located on merchant websites such as:

  • REI.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Sierra Trading Post
  • Clickbank
  • eBay

When you click on my link and buy something at one of these sites within a certain time period, we may earn a small commission.

There is never a “surcharge” for buying through my site; the price you pay by clicking on one of our links is always the same price you would pay if you went directly to the merchant’s site.

The earnings we receive from these affiliate links do not affect our choice of which product to promote. We always recommend only the products which we feel provide the best value to you — those with the highest quality at the lowest price — and we usually buy a product from a merchant before recommending you get a product from that merchant, to make sure you have a good experience.

In many cases, we have recommended products which earn me no commission at all, simply because we felt they were the best ones available.

We have not received any free products to promote, and we don’t expect to receive any in the future. If a company someday decides to send us one of their products, we will disclose that fact in any related review we write.

For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

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