It’s 4:30am. The sun isn’t up yet nor is my brain 100%, but I must unzip from the cocoon of my sleeping bag and pack up camp quickly. I’d like to be out of the woods by nightfall and I know 11 treacherous miles lie ahead of me. I also know when the sun rises over the mountains on the island of Kauai, it beats down hard slowing me down to a snails pace. Still, I don’t dare hit the trail without a light breakfast and a bit of caffeine at this hour.

Folgers Coffee SinglesUnfortunately, I’m exhausted from partying and bartering. At the previous sunset, I’d met 12 or so self-proclaimed locals on Kalalau Beach. Needless to say, when such an event takes place on a desolate isle, it’s only natural to lose track of time while trading stories and goods under an endless sky of shooting stars. A massive breakfast is out of the question the following morning, not to mention fiddling with a camp coffee maker.

This is why I always pack my favorite (and most convenient) morning accoutrement: Maple & Brown Sugar Quaker Instant Oatmeal and Folgers Coffee Singles. If you are ever in a rushed morning camp situation like mine or are just looking for great camp food, definitely pack these items for your next hike.

Quaker’s instant oatmeal comes in individually sized packets and taste great! While I enjoy the maple and brown sugar packets, they do come in a variety of flavors. And the best part is, all you need is hot water! The Folgers Coffee Singles are just as delicious and just as convenient. These singles appear and function like tea bags, only better because they are filled with the classic roast we have all grown to love.

It should also be noted that these two breakfast items are not only convenient to cook and tasty to eat, but they are great for bartering. The locals I met on the beach traded me all sorts of things for my extra coffee packets the night before I left. Both items can be found at any local grocery store in their respective aisles. A box of Quaker Instant Oatmeal comes with 10 packets (for approximately $7). A box of Folgers Coffee Singles includes 19 (for approximately $6).

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