Hammock Camping for Beginners: My Hennessy Hammock

Hammock Camping for BeginnersMy Hennessy Hammock is my favorite addition to my outdoor gear collection. I purchased the hammock in 2008 for a 10-12 mile hike into the Grand Canyon and 4 days of camping at Havasu Falls. Since then, this hammock has been a permanent addition to every vacation, even when I visit friends or family with a little bit of land and a couple of trees. Not to mention, my own backyard.

At first, the hammock is a little intimidating, since you have to crawl into it through the bottom. The hammock is closed in using bug netting for the top and nylon for the bottom. The bottom also has a Velcro strip used to open and close the hammock. But don’t worry; I’ve never had a problem with the Velcro opening when you lay on it!

The bug netting keeps the bugs out but allows you to enjoy the air. Be careful though, because you are suspended from the ground, you don’t have the extra insulation from the ground, so plan to be a few degrees cooler than if you were sleeping in a tent. The hammock also comes with a rain fly than can double as a ground tarp if you can’t find two trees that work.

The Hennessy Hammock is light weight and it is not bulky so it’s easy to take along on any trip. Even if I bring a regular tent, I also throw in the hammock … and usually end up sleeping in the hammock.

The main downfall using a hammock instead of a tent is it only sleeps one. Other than that, grab your sleeping bag and your hammock and head for the woods!

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