The Search For The Best Waterproof Digital Camera

Need help choosing the best waterproof digital camera for your needs? Here are some reviews.

We all know that moisture is the enemy of digital electronic equipment–or at least we should. I’ve ruined several cameras by not being careful enough with them in wet conditions.

With a waterproof digital camera, you can shoot to your heart’s content in rain or underwater without worrying about water damage.

The downside is that you will give up some image quality and features compared to similar priced non-waterproof digital cameras. But it’s much better to get some lower quality pictures than none at all.

Some of the digital cameras reviewed here are also shockproof, and even freezeproof. These cameras are designed for hardcore outdoor use.

Read on for the best waterproof digital camera reviews.

Canon Powershot D10

12.1MP, 3X Zoom, Waterproof to 10m/33ft

Best-Waterproof-Digital-Camera-Canon-Powershot-D10The only Canon waterproof digital camera, the PowerShot D10 is a bright, fun, unique looking camera that takes great pictures. Interchangeable faceplates let you change the color of the camera to suit your mood.

Big buttons make it easy to use, and the controls are very responsive.

The D10 is the best waterproof digital camera if you value image quality above all else. It outperforms all its competitors in this regard.

The camera is somewhat bulky; it won’t fit easily into a shirt pocket. Also, it’s a little awkward to hold and shoot one-handed. And its 3x optical zoom is rather small for a digital camera in this price range.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1

12.1MP, 4.6X Zoom, Waterproof to 3m/10ft

Best-Waterproof Digital Camera Panasonic LumixA newcomer to the waterproof digital camera arena, Panasonic takes top honors with the compact, tough, full-featured Lumix DMC-TS1 Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, it can handle any outdoor environment you can.

The image quality is very good, and an intuitive user interface makes it easy to change settings to get the best shot.

The Lumix also stands out from most of its competitors with the ability to shoot 30fps HD video.

Downsides? The flash is too bright, and the zoom is slow. Turning it on is a little confusing, as you have to hold the power button down for a second.

Pentax Optio W80

Best Waterproof Digital Camera12.1MP, 5X Zoom, Waterproof to 5m/16ft

The Pentax Optio W80 is the best value waterproof digital camera. It’s compact, light, shockproof and coldproof to -10C.

The W60 takes sharp, detailed images and it has a nice 5X optical zoom. It also shoots HD video.

However, the Optio W80 lacks image stabilization — a standard feature on most similar cameras. A short battery life and awkward menu system also detract from its performance.

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