Outdoorsy And Adventurous Things To Do In Hawaii

Hawaii is a great place to visit: there are so many things to do in Hawaii that you’ll never be bored.

In particular Hawaii isĀ an amazing location for engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. There are loads of fantastic hikes, both easy and strenuous ones, and many great camping spots in Hawaii.

I’ll share the hikes that I’ve done, and if you like, you can share the ones that you’ve done.

Here are some fun hikes to consider for your trip.


Things To Do In Hawaii - Hanakapiai BeachThe Kalalau Trail, from end to end, is a very strenuous multi-day hike requiring permits. It’s actually considered one of the most dangerous hikes in America!

But the first leg to Hanakapi’ai Beach isn’t too intense, and can be done as a day hike, with a picnic lunch at the beach in the middle. It does have some steep and rocky terrain, making it moderately strenuous. The views are gorgeous though, and it feels great when you reach the beach.

Read more about it here.

Things To Do In Hawaii (The Big Island)

Things To Do In Hawaii - Halemaumau CraterIf you’re able to make it, seeing the Halema’uma’u Crater at the Kilauea caldera in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a must.

From the trail there are some gorgeous panorama views of the caldera, not to mention that Halemaumau itself is amazing.

There’s a fun, easy day hike around part of the caldera on the Crater Rim Trail that you can do and be back in time for lunch.

This is an easy 2.2 mile day hike, making it well worth it to venture. It’s not often you get the chance to look at an active volcano! The trail also winds through some nice forest on the way.

Read more about it here.

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