Is A Rectangular Down Sleeping Bag Right For You?

Rectangular Down Sleeping Bag - Big Agnes Lost RangerA rectangular down sleeping bag is the ticket if you want a light, warm, and comfortable bag to curl up in. You get lots of leg room to move around, while the down insulation lofts up high for warmth and compresses down small for packing.

The rectangular down sleeping bag is a versatile item to have in your camping arsenal. I’ll share one of my favorites with you below and let you in on why I appreciate this sleeping bag.

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger +15 is an awesome all-around sleeping bag. It offers a sweet blend of light weight, toasty warmth, and roominess.

While it won’t please the ultralight ounce-counters, it’s still pretty light for a 15 degree bag (2 lb, 12 oz), especially at this price. Those of us who value comfort will appreciate the extra room to move around.

There’s no insulation on the underside of the bag; just a sleeve that you insert a 20×72 inch sleeping pad into. The sleeping pad becomes your insulation from the ground. (So it’s very important to get the right size, and make sure it’s an insulated pad.)

Draft tubes on the side seal the connection between the bag and the pad, preventing warm air from leaking out of the bag. A down-filled draft collar goes around your neck, also keeping in warmth. Stuff your fleece jacket or other clothes into the pillow pocket, and rest your weary head in comfort.

A two-way zipper lets you vent from the top or bottom on warm nights.

This rectangular down sleeping bag lets you snooze soundly, without getting claustrophobic and without worrying about rolling off your pad in the middle of the night. Everything stays in place so you can get the sleep you need!

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