Are There Good Discount Backpacking Tents?

You can buy great discount backpacking tents for $150 or less.

“$150 or less?” you say. “That’s a bargain?”

Well … yes, it is!

Sure, you can get a 2 person “hiking tent” at Sam’s Club for around $40 … which may sound like a discount.

But it may not fulfill the primary purpose of a tent: keeping you dry and bug-free. (At least, it may not do it for very long.)

Expect to find good, reliable 2 person backpacking tents on sale for at least $100. It’s worth spending a little more for a quality tent that will work well and is built to last.

And with most new backpacking tents priced at $250-$350, $150 or less really is a discount!

What To Look For

Let’s look at 2 person tents, since that is the most common and practical size. These are the most important features to consider when looking for a discount backpacking tent:

1. Minimum weight of 6 lbs or less (4-5 lb. is best)

2. At least one full-coverage vestibule

You can save some money by going heavier or foregoing a vestibule, but you’ll probably end up regretting it. Saving a few bucks won’t matter if the result is a miserable experience.

Best Bargain Sites

These are the best websites to find a discount on tents: Sierra Trading Post and

REI Outlet is my current favorite. I recently searched for tents there and found some outstanding values. There were no less than four 2 person backpacking tents for less than $150.

Of course, what is priced at a discount at the bargain sites changes all the time. If you can’t find a good tent sale, you can still get one for a reasonable retail price.

Best All-Around: Kelty Grand Mesa 2

Discount Backpacking Tents - Kelty Grand MesaKelty backpacking tents offer great value for the money. The Kelty Grand Mesa 2 is a freestanding, lightweight backpacking tent.

It’s rather small with measurements of 6’10″x4’10”, and only has one door and one vestibule. It has a minimum weight of four pounds.

Cheapest: Eureka Apex 2XT

Eureka Apex 2XT - Backpacking Camping TentThere are only a few Eureka backpacking tents worth considering, but the Eureka Apex 2XT is an absolute steal.

A freestanding dome tent, the Apex 2XT is quite roomy and gives you 2 doors and 2 vestibules. It’s also the heaviest tent here.

Minimum weight: 5 lb 12 oz.
Floor space: 37 square feet
Doors: 2
Vestibules: 2, 7 square feet each

Enjoy It!

You’ll feel great knowing you got a sweet discount on a backpacking tent that will last a long time. I hope this information helps you save some money and get out more. Have fun!

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