I just bought Adventure Plan app for iPhone. Think everyone should have it too. Could save your life if you get turned around or your car breaks down.

You use it by sending the details of your hike or camping adventure to friends and if you get lost they will know a little more info about where to find you, just in case. Very useful.

Nathanael Says:

Thanks for the tip! I am a strong believer in leaving a trip plan with a trusted friend or family member who can notify a rescue service in case of trouble.

Wilderness travel carries certain risks; getting injured or lost should end up being an interesting story you tell your friends, not the end of your life. Everyone thinks it will never happen to them–until it happens to them.

I’ve had a few close calls myself, so I know the importance of having a notification plan in place. I can also recommend a free online service called TrailNote that will notify your friends if you don’t return by a specified time. I’ve used it, and it’s very easy and convenient.

For additional peace of mind, you can also carry a SPOT GPS Messenger. This sweet little device uses the GPS satellite system to send your exact location to your loved ones via email, along with a message saying either you’re “Okay” or you need “Help” (e.g. for a minor injury).

If you get into serious trouble, you can send a “911” message to emergency personnel for immediate rescue. It’s a great safety tool for backcountry travel.

Whichever app or service you use, make it a habit to do it for every trip! You never know when you’ll need it.

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